As you probably know, I ran for the Plano ISD school board in the 2013 local elections.  I lost to the incumbent board trustee by 6%.  Some win elections for the wrong reasons.  I lost the elections for the wrong reasons…  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I will likely use the experience and the support I gained from it to run again. 

However (and this is by no means an attempt to rationalize losing the elections…), there are two advantages for not being on the board.  One is that you are less restricted in what you can do.  First, as a board member, you cannot “help” a principal of a school that needs your help.  There are a lot of things you have to clear with the administration before you can do them.  If you are not a board member—you don’t have such restrictions.  Second, as a board member you have to deal with things you might be less interested in, but still have to deal with.  If you are not a board member—you can really focus on what you are passionate about.

That led me to ask myself: why did I run at the first place?  What was I so passionate about?  In one sentence, it was to help all Plano children be successful in life, and reach their highest potential.

So I didn't stop.  Since the elections I co-founded the "Young Women Incorporated" program at Carpenter Middle School.  I started delivering the "Junior Achievement" program at Renner Middle School.  I delivered numerous "Career Days" at different schools in our district.  I started the "Leadership Plano" program, and recently volunteered to the board of both "Leadership Plano" as well as "Plano Youth Leadership".  Finally, a month ago I rejoined the Civil Air Patrol as the Aerospace Education Officer in the Plano Mustangs squadron, with a goal of inspiring and teaching the 13+ cadets the history of aviation, how airplanes fly, and how to be pilots.  

As I promised after I lost the elections in May 2013—I am not going away.  I have only started.  And if the conditions are right in the 2015 or 2017 PISD elections--I will run again.